Warrnambool Gift

Sat, 06/03/2021 - 10:45am to 6:00pm

This event follows the Warrnambool City Council four key goals by promoting an Athletic Meeting which encourages healthy outcomes, raises the profile and reputation of our city and generates economic gain through accommodation, retail and hospitality. Our aim is to create a desire to keep fit and promote a healthier lifestyle for the community. Obesity, heart disease and mental health issues are well documented problems locally. This event showcases people of all ages being fit which we would envisage motivates athletes and spectators.

The Warrnambool Gift has eleven open events which involve around 300 to 400 senior athletes from throughout Australia participating in a wide range of events. The events cover races from 70m to 1600m for our meeting, every year we have added more events to encourage more participation. This gives all runners a chance to compete in at least two events.
Our junior events have grown to four events this season which is fantastic and we have more juniors competing each year.
The local DPS Stable (Dynhoven Perry Stable) has grown enormously with over twenty five in their running group. There is a mixture of Junior and Senior athletes competing.
There are heats/finals for all events and some semis in the Open 70m and Mens 120m Gift which is fantastic. When you receive upwards of at least 6 heats semi-finals occur and this gives more of the faster runners a chance to run in a final. Prizemoney and sashes are allocated for events except the Under 14’s who receive a sash to the winner.
In the last three years we have already seen a significant increase in the number of athletes competing from Warrnambool as well as other areas throughout Australia.
This participation increases the health and fitness wellbeing and projects a healthy image to not only the athletes competing but also to our spectators.
We believe the event will grow into something more local people will embrace and be proud of.

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Richard Wearmouth
Warrnambool Gift Inc
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1/119 Aberline Road, Warrnambool VIC, Australia