The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You

Thu, 30/05/2019 - 7:30pm

Director: Prue Clark. Lighting Designer: Amelia Lever-Davidson. Perfect for: Ages 14+. This production features on the 2019 Unit 3 VCE Theatre Studies Playlist.

Sixteen year old Connor is angry. People and things he once liked now just annoy him. Even his best mate. Then, the outburst. Connor is isolated in the forest for a week by himself to calm down. But his anger has travelled with him. Then a girl called Lotte walks into the woods. And she is angry too. Winner of the 2014 AWGIE award for Best Theatre for Young People, Kruckemeyer’s play is a whip-smart, sweet and fiery tale about two offbeat kids who, at war with the world, find a moment’s peace with each other. It’s a reminder of the impatient impulse in all of us to kick and scream at the universe, and the equally impatient impulse to lie in a forest glade and dream of the future.

One of Australia’s most exciting and celebrated playwrights, Finegan Kruckemeyer’s work has universal appeal. MTC’s production will have all the hallmarks of a classic comedy and appeal to many.

Lighthouse Theatre
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