Hallowed Ground - Women Docts in War

Fri, 21/06/2019 - 7:30pm

Four women. Many stories. A century of service. Follow the personal journeys of four women, Lilian, Mary, Tam and Catherine, united in their determination to utilise their skills in the field of medicine on active service within the military. From the pioneers of World War I, first denied military service, throughout the battles of World War II - through contemporary conflicts, and as peacekeepers in times of humanitarian crisis; these and other stories come to life in vivid accounts of revelation, loss, struggle and kinship. Together they share moments of hope and humour that punctuate the otherwise harrowing task of conflict medicine.

Written and researched over two years by Carolyn Bock and Helen Hopkins, The Shift Theatre brings together a fine ensemble cast and creative team under the direction of Catherine Hill.

Lighthouse Theatre
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